En introduktion till Crisi Wartegg System

Stockholm den 18 september
Workshop Information:

This workshop presents a general introduction to Crisi Wartegg System (CWS), a methodology for the clinical use of the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test (WDCT). The WDCT is a semi-structured, graphic, performance-based personality test, created by Ehrig Wartegg (1939).

The test was introduced in Sweden by Manfred Gardziella a German psychologist who married and moved to Finland. Especially in Finland but also here it has been widely used both clinically but also in work related settings such as AMI and Sandahl Partners. There is a Swedish Manual by Torbjörn Wass and Carl-Erik Mattlar oriented in 2000.

Initial scoring systems for the WDCT were considered cumbersome and lacked research-driven validation. In response to these factors, Alessandro Crisi, following years of clinical practice and research, developed the Crisi Wartegg System (CWS; 1998, 2007), a normed and standardized administration, scoring, and interpretation system for the WDCT. The CWS provides an efficient, intuitive, and incrementally valid assessment tool for personality assessment.

The workshop is divided in two parts: the first part dedicated to a practical introduction to the CWS, the second part: reliability and validity data.


A practical introduction to Crisi Wartegg System (CWS) will be presented. The CWS was recently recognized as a valid performance-based personality method that can be used for certification in Therapeutic Assessment, given the measure’s ease of use, resonance with clients, and non-threatening nature. Participants will learn proper administration procedures.

Reliability and validity data will be reviewed, as well as recommended clinical use and incremental validity of this measure. Lastly, a variety of clinical cases examples and protocols will be provided to demonstrate both the utility of the measure and its discriminative power between clients with various presenting symptoms or challenges.


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