Uppgradera från CS till R-PAS online med Joel Schwartz (USA)

Greetings all.

I am now in the process of creating a 4-hour virtual training that will provide clinicians all the tools they will need to upgrade from using the Rorschach Comprehensive System (CS) to the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS). I am attempting get CEUs in place for this.

Although some will disagree, my own opinion is that using the CS is tantamount to using a WAIS-III or an MCMI-II. The R-PAS has upgraded international norms, specific child norms, and much better reliability and validity – with scales being on par with tests such as the MMPI-2 and MCMI-IV. The interpretation is just as rich, but far more empirically based, and it is so much easier to do than the CS.

I have permission to do this training from the R-PAS folks, but they are not formally endorsing it as I have not gone through their advanced administration and scoring certification program. I was trained in the CS by a student of Exner’s. I upgraded to the R-PAS myself and then took an advanced training taught by R-PAS authors Donald Viglione and Phlip Erdberg. I have given close to 200 administrations at this point, about 60 of them being R-PAS. I also routinely aid other clinicians with their own protocols.

Please add your name to the interest list by clicking this link and filling out the Google sheet.