Köpenhamn 31 okt-1 nov: Treatment planning and the Rorschach

‘Treatment planning and the Rorschach”,
Anne Andronikof, Copenhagen 31 okt -1 nov

Treatment planning is an essential aspect of the tasks performed by clinical psychologists. The traditional medical model consisting in associating specific treatments to specific diagnoses is nowadays obsolete as numerous researches have shown that the efficacy of a treatment depends on individual characteristics of a patient. In 1996, Anthony Roth & Peter Fonagy published the first edition (2nd 2005) of their blockbuster book “What works for whom? A critical review of psychotherapy research”. The individual characteristics taken into account were to be found in the clinical history of the disturbance and the environmental context. Psychologists can greatly refine this approach through their deep understanding of personality functioning. Among the existing assessment tools, the Rorschach test, when the Comprehensive System is used in combination with a psychodynamic approach, offers a powerful model for finding out which type(s) of intervention to recommend. The workshop will introduce the theoretical basis of the psychodynamic approach combined with the Comprehensive System and work with the participants on three clinical cases (child, adolescent, adult).

Anne Andronikof, Emeritus Professor, Paris Nanterre University.