The Crisi Wartegg System (CWS) is a new methodology for using the WDCT that rigorously scores and interprets the drawings of the clients. Psychologists in Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, South America and, more recently, in the United States frequently use the CWS in psychological assessments. It is also a selection tool of the Italian military. An English manual for the method, including a broad overview of reliability and validity research, was published in 2018.
The CWS complete training consists of 4 levels, of which the last one is optional (i.e., not required for certification):
Level 1 (3 days in Helsinki, Finland, with Dr. Emiliano Muzio) — Learn administration and basics of the test; upon completion you will be able to administer, score the test and make the computations;
Level 2 (4 days in Helsinki, Finland, with Dr. Alessandro Crisi) — Review basic interpretation of calculated indices and scores;
Level 3 (4 days in Helsinki, Finland, with Dr. Alessandro Crisi) — Learn interpretation and clinical conceptualization;
Level 4 (5 days in Rome, Italy, with Dr. Alessandro Crisi) — (OPTIONAL) Integrate the Wartegg with other measures (i.e., MMPI, Rorschach) through case consultations. This training is a good way to improve competence and prepare for the certification exam.
Certification is attained after passing a certification exam and having two clinical case reports reviewed by the Italian Institute of Wartegg (Istituto Italiano Wartegg or IIW).

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